Dog Walking for East Lothian based in North Berwick & Macmerry

Contact telephone numbers: 01875 898259 or 07971 135121 or 07876 626874

Contact email:

Check out our Facebook Page for the up-to-date price-list, pictures and videos of our walks.

Registration Details

Please provide the following registration details by email about your dog/s:-

1. Name

2. Address

3. Postcode

4. Email

5. Telephone Number – mobile & landline

6. Dogs Name

7. Dog Breed

8. Dogs age

9. Male or Female

10. Neutered/Not Neutered

11. Any relevant information i.e. afraid of fireworks, louds bangs etc.

12. Approximate times and days of walks required

Please note you will be contacted once the above information has been received and an appointment will be made to visit you and your dog.

Terms & Conditions

1. Registration details must be provided and submitted to Nose2Trail.

2. Only dogs considered well socialised by the partners will be walked in a group.

3. All dogs will be subject to a trial period so that suitability can be assessed.

4. Dogs with behavioural issues will not be accepted.

5. Female dogs in season will not be able to be walked during the duration of their season.

6. Dogs must be wormed and flea treatments applied regularly.

7. Nose2Trail will not accept any responsibility for death, injury or illness of your dog.

8. Owners must ensure that dogs wear a suitable ID disc and are micro chipped.

9. Dogs should be fully insured.

10. Payments must be made in advance or on the day of the walk.


Payment is accepted in cash or via PayPal.

Please let us know what dates you are paying for by contacting us after checkout.